Welcome to Green Sparkle, an eco friendly online shop that sells natural eco-friendly cleaning products.  We stock a range of products from toilet cleaners to bath sprays and oven cleaners to floor cleaners.  Leading brand suppliers such as Ecover, Bio-D, Ecozone and Method have produced these highly effective, quality products.  You can be sure the products you bring into your home can be trusted to do the job.


Why eco products?

Ordinary household cleaning products contain toxic, allergenic chemicals that are harmful to you.  We want to encourage and invite you to make the switch and transform your cleaning habits. Replacing these harsh products with biodegradable, recyclable products made from sustainable, natural ingredients:

  • reduces your carbon footprint on the planet
  • limits the amount of chemicals in your home and

leaves behind

  • a fresh-smelling
  • clean and
  • healthy environment with improved indoor air quality


It’s worth a try isn’t it?


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