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Five Ways To Make Cleaning the Kitchen Less of a Chore


The kitchen is the heart of the family home, yet cleaning it is a daily job that many people simply hate.  Whether it’s doing the dishes, cleaning the hob or mopping the floor there are plenty of jobs that need doing to keep your kitchen spotless. To help, we’re sharing five ways to make it less of a chore…

  1. Get organized

Make sure your cupboards are organised so putting away clean dishes is easy. It’s also a good idea to organise the cupboard under your sink so that you don’t have to root around looking for your eco-friendly cleaning products. If things are easy to find, it’s much less stressful.


  1. Make things pretty!

A big pile of dirty dishes isn’t pretty but that doesn’t mean your kitchen shouldn’t be! Spend a little bit of time making things look lovely. One idea is to use coloured or patterned tape to smarten up the pot you use to store your eco-friendly sponges.  Little touches can make all the difference.


  1. Listen to the radio

Distracting yourself with the sounds of the radio or your favourite tunes can make the time you spend cleaning the kitchen fly by and can also put you in a really good mood!


  1. ALWAYS do the dishes before bed

Coming down in the morning to a pile of dirty dishes is not the ideal way to start your day! Take 15 minutes before you go to bed to wash up the plates and dishes using quality washing up liquid so that everything is clean and ready to go for breakfast time.


  1. Take it in turns

Cleaning the kitchen shouldn’t be just one person’s responsibility. If everyone helps make the mess, everyone should help clean it up! Why not have set days for each family member to be on ‘kitchen duty’? That way nobody gets overwhelmed by the task.