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Mother’s Day Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

mothers day eco-friendly gift ideas

Mother’s Day Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

This year Mother’s Day will fall on Sunday March 26th .  At Green Sparkle, we believe that mothers should be celebrated every day, not just on Mother’s Day.  After all, home is where our Mum is :).

If you’re having difficulty thinking of what to buy your Mum for Mother’s Day, then take a look at these 12 eco-friendly gift ideas to give you some inspiration.

1. Flowers
They can make really beautiful gifts to brighten up any room, but if given in a flower pot rather than cut flowers, they would last longer.

2. Spring bulbs
There are many different types of bulbs you can purchase from your local gardening centre or store that can be planted during Spring and bloom late in the Summer.  You could help your Mum (or grandmother) plant them in the garden. They’ll be great pollinators for bees and butterflies too!

3. Buy a tree
Though you could buy a fruit tree for the back garden an alternative is to plant a tree in your Mum’s honour instead.  Plant an olive tree for just £10 with Trees4Life Campaign and at the same time you will be helping farmers earn a sustainable living.  Trees keep the planet cool, provide homes for birds and animals, give us oxygen and of course look beautiful.  Even though your Mum won’t sit under the shade of that particular tree, she will still feel good knowing she has helped a good cause.  Trees4Life Campaign also issue wonderful e-certificates too.

4. Reusable shopping bags
If your Mother is someone who loves to shop, then an assortment of reusable shopping bags would go down very nicely!  They come in an assortment of colours, patterns and sizes and would look ever so stylish when Mum goes to her local health food store, market, or just out and about.

5. Reusable cleaning cloths
Like reusable shopping bags, reusable cleaning cloths are also a great gift.  Mum’s tend to wipe up a lot of spills and mess (especially if there are young kids in the house) but the beauty of these cloths is that washing them is a breeze….just stick them into the washing machine for a quick spin – no laundry powder needed. Ecloth Window Cleaning Cloth

6. All natural bath bombs
After a long and stressful day, Mum would appreciate some ‘me time’ and what better way than to have an assortment of natural, earth-friendly bath products to soak in.  Free from any preservatives and chemicals they would make a great eco-friendly gift.  Some may contain essential oils which is even better for the skin.

7. Handcrafted bird feeders
Visit a local farmer’s market or artisan shop to find Mum a handcrafted bird feeder. Feeding the birds is a fun hobby and also great for our planet. There are so many beautiful handmade and eco-friendly options out there, so consider a bird feeder for Mum.  Don’t forget to buy some safflower seed to go with it!

8. Solar garden lights
Another long-lasting Mother’s Day gift idea is to buy solar garden lights for the wall or ground. You can pick up a set from your local garden centre.

9. A basket of seeds and gardening supplies
If Mum has green fingers then this would make an ideal gift. You can get a gift set with gardening gloves, hand held fork and shovel with gardening scissors and add a couple of bags of seeds for her to plant.

10. Visit an organic farm
Book a day trip to an organic farm and take part in a variety of activities from picking fruit and planting veg to log splitting.  Or perhaps you could just sit in the café and enjoy some organic tea and cake! 🙂

11. A recycled scrapbook
Give Mum a homemade scrapbook made from recycled materials.  Fill it with pictures of you and the family collected over the past year. The perfect gift of joyful moments and lasting memories with her family.  All in an eco-friendly product!

12. All natural cleaning products
Not the ideal gift perhaps, but if paired with the reusable cleaning cloths mentioned above, all natural, eco-friendly cleaners  are great for getting the clean done without any harsh chemicals in sight.

Great Mother’s Day gift ideas that are good for Mum and kind to the Earth too.

What’s your favourite eco-friendly Mother’s Day Gift Idea?  

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  1. Great ideas for mothers day. I have more ideas now to help buy a unique gift for a loved one which can be for any occasion, thank you.

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