D2W Pack of 10 Degradable Refuse Sacks

D2W Pack of 10 Degradable Refuse Sacks


Show that you care for the environment with these roll of 10 degradable rubbish bags. After its useful life this unique product will degrade totally and harmlessly. The bags will leave nothing more than water, carbon dioxide and a very small amount of biomass.

Approximate Bag Size: (per bag)

74 x 86cm (29″ x 34″).  Holds 70 litres

Rim 148cm (56″)



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D2W Pack of 10 Degradable Refuse Sacks


  • Do not store these bags in direct sunlight or a warm climate (eg car or warm garage)
  • Not intended for composting.


More information about D2W

D2W biodegradable plastic bags are made out of environmentally-responsible oxo-bio plastic which can be re-used and recycled. They are safe for foods, contain no heavy metals and have been tested and approved for their eco-toxicity.

This UK based company are plastic specialists and have developed an oxo-bio plastic that will degrade and disappear in a short timescale, leaving no fragments, no methane, and no harmful residues. These eco-friendly plastic bags look like conventional plastic bags, but contain a small amount of a special D2W additive in the standard plastic polymer, resulting in something called ‘controlled life’ plastic.

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