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Three Reasons Eco-friendly Cleaning Products Are SO Much Better

three reasons eco-friendly cleaning products are better

Three Reasons Eco-friendly Cleaning Products Are SO Much Better

Ever wondered why eco-friendly cleaning products are a better alternative to the bright and shiny bottles on sale in the supermarket. Here are just three reasons…

 1. They’re safer for you and your family

Ordinary cleaning products are packed with a long list of chemicals including phosphates, enzymes and bleach. These ingredients can be toxic for you, your children and even your pets – and they are spread over your surfaces and released into the air every time you use a conventional cleaning product. Studies have shown that using an ordinary household cleaning spray just once a week can increase the chance of getting asthma. Eco-friendly cleaning products are made with natural ingredients that are safe to breathe in and use around the home.

2. They’re good for the environment

It’s time we all made efforts to take better care of the planet we live in. We sell cleaning products that are biodegradable or have reusable packaging. This cuts down on waste and is far kinder to the environment than using conventional products that get thrown in the bin and sent to landfill. Our eco-friendly products also release less damaging chemicals into the environment, which has a small but significant impact on slowing down climate change.

3. The results are better

The colourful bottles of conventional cleaning products all promise a quick fix with minimal effort and, when our lives are busier than ever, they can be hard to resist. However, the truth is that some of the most natural cleaning products such as lemon and vinegar get better results than anything you can buy for a pound or two in the cleaning aisle and there are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives on sale. We can help you achieve an eco-friendly clean home for an affordable price. Visit our shop now